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Your tools of superpower. Anytime. Anywhere.


Guided Meditations

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EY Mindfulness Manual

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Get access to the most exclusive mindfulness tools used today by those who can afford to spend time on yachts. 


Cutting-edge meditations based on the latest research on Ocean and human well-being.

Experience instant empowerment, creating a profound connection between yourself, others, the world, and the ocean.

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These Meditations are not about spirituality. They are indispensable tool of 21-st century for prompt empowerment and instant adjustment of state of being in any occasion. They help to experience extra quality of an every day life and maintain the mindset of abundance and well-being. 


Based on the latest researches on the Ocean and Human Well-being, these Meditations connect to the ocean like never before. The benefits of the ocean are still very much underestimated in our human society. Be among the first to receive the quintessential ocean influence through consciousness. 


Created by Monaco-based experiential entrepreneur Maria Alekseenko Magan in collaboration with mental coach Samuele Polpettini, the guided meditations introduce unique immersive scenarios.

Find yourself in your Mother's womb, in the Ocean, get empowered among the Galaxies, and then go Underwater, feel your pulse, Walk on the Surface of the Sea, navigate a Yacht in the Blue Ocean to find your Superpowers, Attract, Manifest, Feel Different.


The guided Meditations were recorded in one of the most advanced recording studios in Europe.


Integrated principles of the Philosophy of Mind make these author's Meditations be your best tool wherever life takes you.  


Variety of immersive sound effects and meditative techniques (including binaural, solfeggio, alpha and theta frequencies etc.) make these author's Meditations a truly immersive exclusive journey like no other.


So powerful. Maria's meditations inspired me in the most unexpected ways. My captain also liked them. He plans to extend them to guests and our crew next charter season for added benefits.

Yacht Owner, 47m M/Y 

Owning a large corporation and numerous businesses, I have practiced meditation for many years. I'm not a big fan of guided meditations, as I prefer to meditate in silence. But these meditations are really something special! Fantastic!!! Wonderful empowering moments spent listening to them. Highly recommended. 

UHNWI / Business owner

My favourite meditations so far. "New Opportunities" is an exceptional meditation. It works so well for me. Thank you, Experiential Yachting!


As a professional athlete, I always thought meditation was about calmness and disconnection. However, thanks to Experiential Yachting, I realised that meditation actually has a completely different purpose. I now meditate during training and even while playing. I wish I had practiced this way a long time ago. P.s. Really fascinating connection through the ocean. I didn't realise how much the ocean has to do with our wellbeing.

Football player / Sportsman

These meditations changed my brokerage game in just one week! As a successful broker, I suddenly discovered a few small nuances that improved my approach and helped me close a major deal with a very picky client I had been pursuing for over five years. Thank you for convincing me to get these meditations. I bought it at a discount, but I would have paid ten times as much for it! Best self-investment ever!

Yacht Broker

The most appreciated Meditation is Blue Ocean. So amazingly connected with the famous strategy, so inspiring.

Owner of Wellness Retreat Center

Really enjoy it!!! Very good and unexpected value of mindfulness tools for the money.

Student at Stanford University

I love this "Ocean Wellbeing and My Wellness" meditation. I wish everyone on this planet had the opportunity to listen to it. Such powerful words, sounds, vibrations. Very impactful. A must listen for everyone who is not indifferent to the ecology of our planet, and especially to own health and wellbeing. 

Awarded Conscious Entrepreneur / Ocean Conservationist






1. Why meditate?  

Meditation is a powerful tool to navigate life's challenges, providing a range of benefits that extend beyond mere relaxation. By practicing meditation, individuals cultivate focus and mental clarity, enabling them to stay steadfast on their goals even in the face of an ever-shifting world.


2. How often should I listen to these meditations?

We recommend listening to these meditations 2-3 times per week for optimal results.

3. What is the recommended way to listen to the meditations?

For the best experience, we highly recommend using headphones. Headphones provide superior sound quality and allow you to fully immerse yourself in the nuances of the guided meditation. The use of headphones enhances the depth and clarity of the meditation audio, ensuring you catch every soothing tone and subtle detail.

4. How long will it take to see results from the meditation practice?

To experience tangible results, we advise practicing these meditations consistently for at least two months.

5. Is there a specific time of day that's best for meditating?

It's recommended to practice these meditations during the daytime for their transformational impact. Avoid doing them right before bedtime.

6. Can I pause or listen to the meditations in parts?

For the most effective outcome, it's essential to complete the entire meditation without interruptions or listening in parts.

It's important to commit to the full-length meditation practice to achieve the best possible benefits from these sessions. However, after you've experienced the full meditation at least once, feel free to revisit your favorite segments or specific sections as desired. This flexibility is designed to accommodate personal preferences while maintaining the integrity of the overall meditative experience.




The information provided in these meditations is for general informational purposes only and does not constitute any professional advice. These meditations are designed to purely promote meaningful yachting and the beauty of the ocean through relaxation, inspiration and overall well-being. The meditations do not substitute professional medical or mental health advice, diagnosis, or treatment. The meditation sessions are not intended to cure, prevent, or treat any mental health conditions. Individuals using these sessions assume full responsibility for their health and well-being. If you have any concerns about your physical or mental health, please consult a qualified healthcare professional before engaging in these meditation practices. The provider of these meditations disclaims any liability for damages arising from the use or misuse of these practices. The provider is not responsible for the result, success, failure, or any other expected outcome.


Copyright Notice

© 2023 Experiential Yachting, The Collection of Inspirational Meditations. All rights reserved. All content of The Collection of Inspirational Meditations belongs to and is the sole property of the provider (Experiential Yachting). Reproduction, copying, or any other form of use of the pieces contained within the text or audio files without the expressed permission from the provider is strictly forbidden. The short pieces may be used in a form of a quote with mandatory referring to the provider’s name (Experiential Yachting) and the website of the provider. It’s strictly forbidden to give the copy of these meditations or re-sell these meditations to any third-party. These meditations are exclusively intended for personal, individual use. Any use of the individual meditations, parts thereof, or the entire collection for group activities, performances, or any commercial purposes is strictly prohibited. The content is protected by copyright, and any unauthorized use may result in legal action. By accessing and using these meditations, you agree to comply with these terms and acknowledge the proprietary nature of the content.If perjury is discovered, the offenders will be prosecuted to the full extent of the law of England or Monaco. 

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