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This is your mental space of Superpower. 

We invite you to experience the first of the seven meditations in this collection. We hope it will empower and inspire you. We would much appreciate if you could leave your review after listening to this meditation. Thank you for your time and we hope this meditation was valuable for you. 


This meditation is for those who want to: 

  • Discover the interdimensional connection between themselves, the outer world and the Ocean  

  • Develop an awareness of the incredible power of the Ocean 

  • Become empowered 

  • Experience deep relaxation and a sense of "rebirth" 

  • Get inspired for the next yacht cruise 


This transformative meditation is a journey that will deepen your connection to the ocean in a way you never imagined. Through this experience, you will develop a deep and lasting relationship with the sea that will benefit you for a lifetime.

When you walk by the sea, cruising a yacht or just listen to the sounds of the waves, you will remember this meditation and look at the sea in a different way.

To discover the full collection of seven inspirational meditations click here.

01 Meditation "Ocean & You"
02 Meditation "The Deal"
03 Meditation "Instant Relaxation & Recharge"
04 Meditation "New Leads, New Opportunities" 
05 Meditation "Ocean Preservation & Sustainability"
06 Meditation "Successful Charter - Extra Gratuities"
07 Meditation "Blue Ocean" Meditation 

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The information provided in these meditations is for general informational purposes only and does not constitute any professional advice. These meditations are designed to purely promote meaningful yachting and the beauty of the ocean through relaxation, inspiration and overall well-being. The meditations do not substitute professional medical or mental health advice, diagnosis, or treatment. The meditation sessions are not intended to cure, prevent, or treat any mental health conditions. Individuals using these sessions assume full responsibility for their health and well-being. If you have any concerns about your physical or mental health, please consult a qualified healthcare professional before engaging in these meditation practices. The provider of these meditations disclaims any liability for damages arising from the use or misuse of these practices. The provider is not responsible for the result, success, failure, or any other expected outcome.


Copyright Notice

© 2023 Experiential Yachting, The Collection of Inspirational Meditations. All rights reserved. All content of The Collection of Inspirational Meditations belongs to and is the sole property of the provider (Experiential Yachting). Reproduction, copying, or any other form of use of the pieces contained within the text or audio files without the expressed permission from the provider is strictly forbidden. The short pieces may be used in a form of a quote with mandatory referring to the provider’s name (Experiential Yachting) and the website of the provider. It’s strictly forbidden to give the copy of these meditations or re-sell these meditations to any third-party. These meditations are exclusively intended for personal, individual use. Any use of the individual meditations, parts thereof, or the entire collection for group activities, performances, or any commercial purposes is strictly prohibited. The content is protected by copyright, and any unauthorized use may result in legal action. By accessing and using these meditations, you agree to comply with these terms and acknowledge the proprietary nature of the content.If perjury is discovered, the offenders will be prosecuted to the full extent of the law of England or Monaco. 

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